Sponsor a child

Each year, we have the privilege of helping students receive a Christian education at La Patria. We are currently sponsoring 150 students!!  Many of the students that attend the school would not be able to afford it if they did not receive the scholarships that our community provides for them. Consider blessing a family with the opportunity for their child to receive a Biblically-based education. There are several ways that you can contribute to a child’s education at LaPatria:


  • Sponsor a student: A full scholarship is $350.  You will have the blessing of being paired up with a student. Each year you will receive letters and pictures of your sponsor child, as well as an opportunity to communicate with them about your life and family.

  • Partial scholarship: Consider giving a one-time gift that will be combined with other gifts to cover students who haven’t been fully scholarship yet. This one-time gift can be any amount.

  • Bless a teacher: The teachers that work at LaPatria choose to be there because of the Biblically-based education it provides. In doing so, they are making a sacrifice in the salary that they are receiving and the resources they are able to have for their classroom. If you want to be a part of helping these teachers get the supplies that need for their classroom, consider blessing them through this fund.

  • Bless a student: Students who attend LaPatria are required to pay for their own books and school uniforms. These are covered for them if they attend public schools. The money that is needed to purchase these supplies (about $50/year) is often a barrier for families to send their children to a private school like LaPatria. Consider eliminating that barrier by donating money for students who are the most in need of this help.

 Please contact Bekah Miller  if you would like to help!

“We want to tell you that this has been a marvelous gift from God and an instrument for us during a time of economic difficulty.”  –Parent of student


“I hope that God multiplies everything that you have done for our family. God bless you, your children and you are blessed with so much more than you’ve given us. We love you; we always have you in our heart and in our prayers.” – Parent of student


“Thank you for giving me the scholarship, and giving me the opportunity here in the school to study, and for the help.  Thank you!”  -Student