Membership means active participation- jumping into ministry at Cornerstone Church. It’s not a list of names so people can say they’re a member. It’s a collection of people committed to the mission and purpose of Cornerstone Church, working to create an experience where people can meet Jesus. We encourage active involvement for those who want to call Cornerstone Church home, and your commitment to becoming a member will let us know that you own the mission with us, and will be a partner in reaching people for Christ.


-Membership Steps-

It is recommended, though not required, that you attend Cornerstone Connect where you will be given key information on Cornerstone’s culture, beliefs, affiliations and values.

1.  Fill out this membership application form.

2.  Indicate the date and place of your baptism if you’ve already been baptized by immersion.

3.  We’ll be in touch after that to set up a meeting with pastoral staff to welcome you into membership!

-Our Values-

Grace: People saying “Yes” to Christ

Growth: Spiritual Growth

Groups: Biblical Community

Gifts: Service

Generosity: Time and Resources

Gather:  Invite Others

-Our Mission-

To Connect People to Christ and His Community

-Our Purpose-

To Love God and Love People

-We Believe-

  • That God is Triune: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • That Jesus is the son of God and died for our sins

  • The Holy Spirit indwells all who believe in Jesus Christ

  • That people were created in the image of God

  • That all people are sinners

  • That salvation comes only through Jesus

  • That Jesus is the head of the church

  • The the Bible is God’s inspired word

  • That Jesus will return and there will be a final judgment

  • That baptism and communion should be observed until Jesus returns

 -Get Started Here-

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